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All engineering professions in Australia have specific job descriptions outlined in the Australian Standard Classification of Engineer’s Occupations (ANZSCO) Codes. When evaluating engineers’ migration skills through CDR, picking the appropriate ANZSCO Code is crucial. This is a technique for gathering, disseminating, and evaluating occupational statistics. Before moving on with the CDR skilled exam, engineers interested in careers in Australia must validate the relevant ANZSCO code. If you want to check if you qualify for the specific engineering stream as defined by Engineers Australia, you can obtain the ANZSCO code provided below. The Medium and Long-Word Strategic Skill List (MLTSS) and the Short-Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) can be found if you select the correct ANZSCO code, allowing you to determine where your occupation falls on the Engineers Australia definition of the term.

ANZSCO Code Lists

Here is a list of ANZSCO codes and the names of popular engineering professions in Australia.

For Australian skilled migration, choose the ANZSCO code that best describes your engineering degree.

According to Engineers Australia, the ANZSCO code is divided into five hierarchical categories: the major group, sub-major group, minor group, unit group, and occupation. The categories are referred to as “occupations” at the most exact level of classification. These are merged to form “unit groups,” which are then separated into “minor groups.” Minor groups are combined to create “sub-major groups,” which are then combined to create “major groups” at the highest level. All professions and employment in the Australian labor markets are categorized using the ANZSCO system, which is based on skills. For statistical and other sorts of analysis in Australia, the ANZSCO code identifies engineers’ occupations according to their characteristics and groups them based on their similarities into gradually broader categories.

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