Engineers Australia RPL ANZSCO Code​

All engineering professions in Australia have specific job descriptions outlined in the Australian Standard Classification of Engineer’s Occupations (ANZSCO) Codes. Here is a list of RPL ANZSCO codes and the names of popular engineering professions in Australia.

ANZSCO 135199 ICT Manager NEC ICT Manager NEC Job Details Plan, organize, monitor, manage, and coordinate the acquisition, development, management, and usage

ANZSCO 135112 ICT Project Manager Network Administrator Job Details An organization’s network is configured, prepared, and coordinated using policies and strategies suggested

ANZSCO 313113 Web Administrator Web Administrator ANZSCO 313113 Job Details A Web Administrator (ANZSCO 313113) is responsible for the management and implementation

ANZSCO 223211 ICT Trainer ICT Trainer Job Details ICT Trainer ANZSCO 223211 analyzes the client’s needs to present the plans to encrypt

ANZSCO 135111 Chief Information Officer Chief information officer Job Details In order to make sure that the ICT infrastructure supports the organization’s

ANZSCO 263299 ICT Support and Test Engineers NEC ICT Support and Test Engineers NEC Job Details ICT Support and Test Engineers (ANZSCO

ANZSCO 263213 ICT Systems Test Engineer ICT Systems Test Engineer Job Details ICT Systems Test Engineer ANZSCO 263213 defines, creates, and writes

ANZSCO 263212 ICT Support Engineer ICT Support Engineer ANZSCO Job Details ICT Support Engineer ANZSCO 263211 create support protocols and techniques for

ANZSCO 263211 ICT Quality Assurance Engineer ICT Quality Assurance Engineer Job Details The ICT Quality Assurance Engineer (ANZSCO- 263211) develops, maintains and

ANZSCO 263113 Network Analyst Network Analyst Job Details Network Analyst ANZSCO 263113 research, analyze, and suggest solutions for network creation and design;

ANZSCO 263112 Network Administrator Network Administrator Job Details An organization’s network is configured, prepared, and coordinated using policies and strategies suggested by

ANZSCO 262113 Systems Administrator Systems Administrator Job Details Analyst Programmer ANZSCO  261311 analyzes the client’s needs and wants to make a logical

ANZSCO 262112 ICT Security Specialist ICT Security Specialist Job Details ICT Security Specialist ANZSCO 262112 creates, manages, and implements ICT security protocols

ANZSCO 262111 Database Administrator Database Administrator Job Details Database Administrator ANZSCO 262111 plans, develops, configures, implements, and supports the organization’s database management

ANZSCO 261399 Software and Application Software and Application Programmer Job Details The ANZSCO 261399 Software and Application Programmer plans, designs, tests, maintains,

ANZSCO 261314 Software Tester Software Tester ANZSCO Job Details Software Tester ANZSCO 261314 defines, designs, and writes test plans and test scripts

ANZSCO 261313 Software Engineer Software Engineer Job Details Software Engineers make, change, record, check, apply, integrate, and take care of software systems

ANZSCO 261312 Developer Programmer Developer Programmer Job Details Developer Programmer ANZSCO 261312 reads requirements, architectural prototypes, and flow maps, writes, manages, and

ANZSCO 261212 Web Developer Web Developer Job Details The ANZSCO 261212 Web Developer plans, creates and maintains websites using web programming languages,

ANZSCO 261211 Multimedia Specialist Multimedia Specialist Job Details Multimedia Specialist ANZSCO 261211 creates computer animation, music, video, and graphic image files for

ANZSCO 261112 Systems Analyst Systems Analyst Job Details The Systems Analyst ANZSCO 261112 works with clients to develop system specifications, create system

ANZSCO 261111 ICT Business Analyst ICT Business Analyst Job Details ICT Business Analyst ANZSCO 261111 collaborates with clients to develop system specifications,

ANZSCO 261311 Analyst Programmer Analyst Programmer Job Details Analyst Programmer (ANZSCO 261311) analyzes the needs and requirements of clients in order to

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