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Match your qualifications with an Australian occupation

Are you planning to continue working in your trade, profession, or specialized occupation after moving to Australia, either permanently or temporarily? Your home country’s abilities, certifications, and experience can be recognised and validated by VETASSESS, allowing you to explore a skilled career in Australia.

How to prepare your application

Professional Occupations

If you are a professional looking to relocate to Australia, you are likely to be assessed by us. We evaluate 360 distinct professional vocations, including your talents, experience, and qualifications.

1. Find

Find the VETASSESS occupation that best matches your abilities and experience.

2. Match

Match your talents and expertise to your desired vocation.

3. Prepare

Prepare to apply by gathering all of the necessary information and documentation.

4. Apply

When you are ready, submit your application online. If you're still undecided,  we are accessible whenever you need it.

Trade Occupations

If you are a tradesperson, your abilities and expertise will be evaluated by someone who has worked in your industry and knows your qualifications. VETASSES is Australia’s primary trade assessment body, with the ability to assess 27 different trade occupations.

Step 1

Check your Trade Skills Assessment eligibility.

Step 2

Know the Assessment Process

Step 3

Check what evidence you may need to supply.

Step 4

Find the upfront trade skills assessment fee.

Step 5

Apply now.

All the information you require

VETASSESS document for professional skilled migration assessment

1. For professional skilled migration

You may acquire a better understanding of the professional skills migration evaluation route by studying the resources that are listed below. They provide vital information regarding the procedure, including the fees that you might be required to pay and questions that are regularly asked.

2. For trades skilled migration

Are you submitting an application for a Temporary Skills Shortage visa (subclass 482) or a Skilled Migration visa (excluding 485 or TSS visas) in order to travel to Australia through the use of your existing trade skills? A positive skills evaluation from an authorized skills assessment authority, such as VETASSESS, is required for you to be allowed to proceed. Explore the links that are provided below to obtain a better understanding of the steps that you need to do in order to apply for or renew your skills assessment.

VETASSESS document showcasing trade talents in Australia
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