Stage 1 Competency Assessment Services​

Stage 1 competency is a requirement for engineers to be eligible for membership with Engineers Australia (EA). Engineers who want to broaden their job opportunities and elevate their careers need to demonstrate that they possess the level of competency required to practice as a qualified engineering team member. Engineers who are based offshore can also prepare for Stage 1 Competency Assessment to enhance their engineering careers by becoming a member of Engineers Australia.

Stage 1 Competency Assessment Services

To be eligible for membership, engineers need to demonstrate what is known as Stage 1 competency. The easiest way to demonstrate this is through the completion of an engineering qualification that is accredited or recognized by Engineers Australia. However, if an engineer does not possess such a qualification, they can demonstrate their competency through the preparation of a Competency Demonstration Report (CDR).

Stage 1 Competency: Definition

Engineers Australia defines Stage 1 competency as having a thorough understanding of the body of engineering knowledge relevant to one’s occupational category (Professional Engineer, Engineering Technologist, or Engineering Associate); and the ability to apply this knowledge to representative problems and situations, typical of the responsibilities of practitioners in their occupational category. Engineers must also possess the attributes and skills necessary to function as a professional, and the intellectual skills to test and continually extend their knowledge through lifelong learning in formal and informal contexts.

In order to assess an engineer’s competency, Engineers Australia has established three competencies that makeup Stage 1. These are:

➝ Competency 1:

 Knowledge Base – This competency assesses an engineer’s understanding of the fundamental principles, concepts, and theories relevant to their occupational category. Engineers must also demonstrate that they are able to use this knowledge to solve problems and analyze information.

➝ Competency 2:

 Engineering Ability – This competency assesses an engineer’s ability to apply their knowledge base to engineering problems and situations. Engineers must demonstrate that they have the ability to design, develop, and evaluate solutions to engineering problems and that they have the ability to use engineering tools, techniques, and equipment.

➝ Competency 3:

 Professional Attributes – This competency assesses an engineer’s professionalism, including their ability to communicate effectively, work in a team, manage projects, and comply with professional and ethical standards. Engineers must also demonstrate that they are committed to professional development and continuing education.

Each competency is comprised of elements, and to be assessed as Stage 1 competent, an engineer must demonstrate each element in an overall sense. Each element has a set of indicators which provide a guide to the level of performance and allow a judgment to be made on whether the element of competency has been achieved. These indicators describe and list the ways in which the element would typically be demonstrated and assessed.

What engineers have to submit to get approval from EA?

To demonstrate their competency through a CDR, engineers are required to provide three Career Episodes and a Summary Statement. The Career Episodes are narratives that describe the engineer’s engineering experience and how it relates to each of the three competencies. The Summary Statement is a brief summary of the engineer’s engineering experience and how it relates to the competencies. Engineers must also provide a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) document, which outlines the engineer’s ongoing professional development activities.

For engineers who have not worked on three technical projects that can be used to develop the Career Episodes and Summary Statement for the CDR, CDRforAustralia can assist with the preparation of the CDR. They have experienced engineering and technical writers who can prepare a CDR from scratch or review and revise an existing CDR to ensure that it fully conforms to Engineers Australia migration requirements.

CDRforAustralia also offers various CDR samples suitable for assessment for membership with Engineers Australia. All of our CDRs have been approved by Engineers Australia and meet all their requirements.

Frequently Asked Question

The client receives just a draft copy at first for inspection and approval. The final report is made available to clients after full payment.

The work on the project begins once the client pays a portion/half of the total cost.

The packages you choose for your project will impact how long it takes to finish. The Fast Track (8 days), the Normal Track (17 days), and so on are a few examples. In the event of an emergency or urgent report, please get in touch with our team.

Before delivering the report to the client, our skilled team of writers thoroughly audits it and follows all MSA rules. As a result, there is a very small probability that the CDR will be rejected.

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