Pastry Cook

ANZSCO Code: 351112

Pasty cooks make and bake buns, cakes, biscuits, and pastries.

Occupation description

Pasty cooks make and bake buns, cakes, biscuits, and pastry goods.

How will I be assessed?

Stage 1

Documentary Evidence Assessment

To ensure that you meet the employment and training requirements as a Pastry Cook, we will review your documentary evidence. Here’s where you can find information about the requirements:

  • Download the Evidence guide for details on the evidence needed for your application.
  • If you’re in pathway 1, seek information on assessment specific to your occupation.
  • Provide a video guide and an observation report.
  • Refer to the Pathway 1 Employment Experience Guidelines for employment experience requirements in Pathway 1.
  • If you’re applying for a Pathway 2 assessment, consult the Pathway 2 Candidate Guide.

Stage 2 

Technical Assessment

If you pass Stage 1, you’ll move on to a technical assessment. For details about this assessment, refer to the Pathway 1 Technical Assessment Guide and Pathway 2 Candidate Guide.

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    What skills and knowledge do I need?

    To earn the FBP30321 Certificate III in Cake and Pastry, you must demonstrate your skills and knowledge in the units of competency listed on page 3. Each unit defines specific knowledge and skills necessary for Australian workplaces.

    You must achieve 15 units of competency: 

    • 11 core units 
    • 4 elective units.

    Core Units


    Participate in work health and safety  processes


    Apply food safety procedures


    Use numerical applications in the workplace


    Schedule and produce cake and pastry production


    Use food preparation equipment to  prepare fillings


    Produce laminated pastry products


    Produce non laminated pastry products


    Produce biscuit and cookie products


    Produce sponge cake products


    Produce cake and pudding products


    Produce basic artisan products

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    Elective Units

    Choose four units from the list below:



    Coach others in job skills


    Produce gateaux, tortes and entremets*


    Produce meringue products


    Produce specialist pastry products


    Sell to the retail customer


    Control and order bakery stock

    You need to show competency in all core and elective units of competency, along with their prerequisite units. 

    Note: indicates that a unit requires prerequisite(s).

    How to Apply

    If you’re a tradesperson, your skills and experience will be evaluated by someone with experience in your trade who understands your skills and qualifications. VETASSESS is Australia’s primary assessment body for trades, covering 27 different trade occupations.

    Step 1

    Check your eligibility to apply for a Trade Skills Assessment.

    Step 2

    Understand the Assessment Process

    Step 3

    Confirm the type of evidence you may be asked to provide

    Step 4

    Find the cost you’ll need to pay up front for your trade skills assessment

    Step 5

    Apply now.

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