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MSA Booklet Guide by Engineers Australia (EA) 2023

MSA Booklet Guide by Engineers Australia (EA)

MSA Booklet Guide by Engineers Australia (EA)

Want to live in Australia or get a job as an engineer? If so, you need to look at the Migration Skill Assessment Booklet, offered by one of Australia’s premier organizations, Engineers Australia (EA). The Migration Skill Assessment (MSA) Booklet is a test designed to assess the qualifications and work history of the candidate. The MSA requires an engineer to give the MSA test to anyone who wishes to get a job or settle in Australia and get Australian Permanent Residency (PR). They can take help from MSA Booklet Guide by Engineers Australia.

Engineers Australia (EA) is the premier organization in Australia that is responsible for supervising and regulating the quality of the MSA books and tests. Through this assessment, the EA ensures that engineers possess the required qualifications and experience to fulfill their duties when they migrate to Australia.

Throughout this article, we have provided everything you need to know about creating documents to settle in Australia. By following the requirements of the MSA and passing the assessment, potential migrants can be sure that they possess the appropriate credentials to gain permanent residency (PR) in Australia.

MSA Booklet Overview

The MSA Booklet, designed for engineers, is a clearly defined pathway. It is updated regularly with the help of Engineers Australia, which guides engineers in achieving high standards and effectively assessing their skills. The complete information needed for the assessment of skills.

The MSA book has various sections, and each section contains essential details. Below are some sections defined from the excerpts taken from the MSA Booklet Guide by Engineers Australia (EA) necessary for the preparation.

  • Section A

The Engineering Australia assessment procedure is described in detail in this chapter, starting with the requirements, fee information, the online process for assessment, the process of assessing, and the assessment results. The article also provides information on how applicants can request a review of their application if they are unsatisfied with the results.

  • Section B

This section gives all the information regarding how a candidate can choose an appropriate path for their evaluation process, set according to the MSA Booklet Guide by Engineers Australia.

  • Section C

This section explains how you can prepare the CDR report step-by-step. The report also contains examples of summary declarations from every part of the engineers’ professional groups. The book provides details on the competencies needed for these professions. It also provides an index of the engineers selected by Australia for ANZSCO (Australia New Zealand Standard Classification) jobs.

  • Section D

Further assessment services, including Fast Track and Assessment of International PhDs, are discussed in this section.

Methods for Assessing Migration Skills

This Migration Skill Assessment Booklet by Engineers Australia is of two kinds:

  1. Accredited Qualification
  2. Non-Accredited Qualification

If your degree is approved or recognized by Engineers Australia, you can apply for accreditation under the Accredited Qualification category. However, if the applicant doesn’t have an academic degree, i.e., one recognized by Engineers Australia, you must compose a professional CDR report that you submit to Engineers Australia.

The five pathways outlined by EA in the accredited system are:

  1.  Accredited Australian Qualification
  2.  Washington Accord Qualification
  3.  Sydney Accord Qualification
  4.  Dublin Accord Qualification
  5. Competency Demonstration Report

If you don’t hold an approved degree by EA, you must create a high-quality CDR report per all guidelines and rules outlined in the Engineers Australia booklet. We have provided a list of points to consider when making a CDR report listed in the MSA Booklet.

Components of the CDR Report

According to the MSA Booklet Guide by Engineers Australia, the components of the CDR Report are:

  • Personal Information
  • Application Information
  • Education Background
  • Past Work Experience
  • Reports (incl. CPD, career episodes, and a Summary Statement)


  1. Personal Information: Candidates should provide information that provides personal information, such as passport-sized photos or prime ID documents, including CVs and resumes, as well as English Language Test Results.
  2. Application Information: Candidates must give details of the job they wish to submit for evaluation and include the job they want to be considered for in ANZSCO-recognized positions.
  3. Education Background: Candidates must provide information about their educational qualifications, transcripts, certificates, and other relevant academic documents.
  4. Past Work Experience: The applicant must submit evidence of prior employment experience based on their engineering experience and then apply to the Relevant Skilled Employment Services.
  5. Report: Candidates must write a professional and original CPD statement and a career episode or summary of the statement. Let’s go over and comprehend it in detail.
  • CPD, or Continuing Professional Development (CPD): The statement of CPD is the document that indicates how the applicant stays up-to-date in their engineering field after having completed the undergraduate class. The CPD should be presented in a table format, including title, dates, venue, duration, and organizer. It would help if you made your CPD list not exceed one A4 page, and it is optional to include certificates for each course.
  • Career Episode: The career episode provides evidence that the candidate has been using their skills and knowledge to perform their job. Candidates must prepare three career episodes. Each career episode should focus on how you used your engineering knowledge and abilities in your chosen profession. A report of a career episode is an assessment of the candidate’s professionalism and ability to excel.
  • Summary Statement: The summary statements are summaries of three career events. You can find examples of summary statements inside the MSA booklet supplied by Engineer Australia.


Also, for more detailed information, refer to the MSA booklet for 2023, provided by Engineers Australia (EA).

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