Complete Guide to write resume or CV for Engineers Australia in 2023

Important terms when writing a CV for Engineers in Australia

Ever wanted to learn how to write an amazing resume? Or maybe you know that you have to have an amazing CV, but you’re not sure where to start. Well, here is your guide on how to write a resume written by our crème de la crème. Over a thousand individuals have gotten employment with the aid of resumes created by our specialists. This guide contains all of the best advice they could come up with on how to write a resume, as well as honesty and feedback on what works and what doesn’t and how to improve your resume to ensure Engineers Australia accepts your proposal and your future employers realize you’re great too!

How Engineers Australia benchmarks your resume?

According to the manual, Engineers Australia (EA) is expected to follow the procedures and guidelines outlined in the Migration Skill Assessment (MSA) document. When evaluating migrating capabilities, it is critical to present a strong Competency Demonstration Report (CDR). CDR components include your CV/resume, CPD reports, Career-Episodes, and summary statements. Simply said, it is a representation of everything you have accomplished throughout the years.

Passing skills tests, becoming a fellow of Engineers Australia, becoming an upstanding Engineer, or entering the National Engineer Register all requires a well-written and impressive CV. The CDR and your CV/Resume for EA, as well as everything else, should be included.

If you complete it correctly along with the CDR report, you may receive a positive assessment; otherwise, you may be disqualified according to the criteria set by the EA. Engineers Australia will take notice of a CV that contains a strong collection of degrees, professional experience, objectives, and accomplishments. CDRforAustralia offers skilled CDR report writing, RPL report writing, and CV/Resume writing services upon request. We can also help you write an effective CV or resume cover letter.

What exactly is a resume/CV approved by Engineers Australia?

Potential employers use the curriculum vitae, often known as a resume, as a marketing tool to evaluate prospective candidates. Highlight your professional experience, talents, and accomplishments. It should also explain why the recruiting manager should choose you for the position. Engineers Australia wants a CV for the Australian migration skills assessment.

Professional Advice to Write Resume or CV for Engineers Australia

To write an outstanding CV for Engineers Australia, you must understand a few fundamental concepts. These guidelines can be utilized to create an appealing CV or resume. Here are 9 expert ideas for writing a CV or resume for Engineers Australia from our knowledgeable authors: 

Individual Specifics

User IDs, names, and contact information are examples of personal information. You can also mention your abilities, credentials, and achievements. These data may assist you in making an immediate positive impression on the evaluator.

Correct use of the language

Simply highlight the most important jobs, responsibilities, and competencies related to your current employment to give recruiters a clear picture of your experience. You can also put a brief work purpose at the top of your resume outlining your aims and objectives. All of these terms must be presented in clear and straightforward Australian English.

Include some keywords

Your resume is constantly scanned for terms related to your profession or job title. If you’re searching for jobs in Australia, include vital information in your engineering resume. Consider any software applications that are frequently used in your role, as well as any unique skills that engineers in your business should have.

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Highlights of your professional career

Summarize the positive features of your profession, your accomplishments, and the results you’ve obtained. It would be much more helpful if you could supply more information! Speaking about your professional accomplishments may help you gain a reputation and influence.

Academic achievements

Your academic background may help you convey your engineering goals and aims. In addition to your academic credentials from the college, list any classes that broadened your mind or piqued your interest. You can list any conferences or seminars you’ve attended in your field.

Proper project information

Engineers Australia expects you to identify all of the projects in which you played a key role. You should be as specific as possible when describing your skills to enable the assessors to judge you properly. If you were gone for an extended period of time, you should explain why.

Get assistance from a sample resume

When submitting for your competency evaluation, you should take into account the numerous other resume samples that are available. This will undoubtedly assist you in writing about yourself in a much more official manner. When applying for a position, make sure your CV or resume is completely aligned with the posting.

Avoid excessive details that are irrelevant to the field.

It is critical that you just supply the information requested by the assessor. The inclusion of irrelevant content may result in denial. Make a list of the topics you want to include in your resume, and then focus on it. On your CV, you should include your identification, contact information, addresses, email addresses, social media profiles, and qualifications).

Give it a professional look

There are a few things you should keep in mind when it comes to boosting the readability of your resume. Without a doubt, it must project competence. For this reason, you must insist on your resume being legible and factually correct. There shouldn’t be much white space, and it should be kept simple. These are the most important factors to consider when creating your CV. Your CV will have the best chance of being approved if it is properly prepared and presented.

Engineers Australia's Official Resume Standards

Engineers Australia's Official Resume Standards: Guidelines for a Professional CV or Resume.
Follow Engineers Australia’s Resume Standards for a winning CV! Be concise, accurate, and highlight your interests beyond work to stand out to potential employers.

Engineers Australia has devised a set of specific criteria and rules for candidates to follow when developing their sequential CVs or resumes. As a general rule, keep the following in mind when producing a professional resume or CV:

  • The CV or resume should be three to five A4 pages long.
  • It is recommended that the text be between 11 and 12 points in size. It is difficult to read the material in font sizes smaller than that.
  • You are not required to provide information on positions held more than 10 years ago. Previous vocations will become obsolete due to the rapid advancement of technology and your skills.
  • Check for grammar errors; you may wish to have someone else read your work, preferably someone who works in the field you are interested in.
  • Be honest and open-minded. Concerns raised in submissions will be confirmed through interviews or with authorities.
  • Information on previous salary, bonuses, and so on should be omitted. These subjects will be discussed throughout the interview.
  • Explain in plain English rather than jargon or acronyms so that EA assessors can understand.
  • Don’t forget to include any groups or membership associations in which you are involved, as well as your hobbies and interests outside of work. Prospective employers want to understand the “complete” person with whom they would be working.

Important Considerations When Writing a CV or Resume for Engineers in Australia

  • The professional purpose must be specific, succinct, and unambiguous.
  • Candidates must list their academic accomplishments in descending order.
  • The level of competence should also be demonstrated.
  • Projects must include a working timetable.
  • Explain how you will contribute to the project and what its purpose is.
  • Your software skills must be relevant to your line of work.
  • It is now more important than ever to highlight your soft skills and your ability to work in a team environment.

Still not convinced?

Our expert will provide you with advice on what to do if your application is accepted or rejected once you have finished your Resume. Once you have a strategy in place, you may apply for jobs with complete assurance. So if you’re applying for a job in Australia and need a resume written just for you, CDRforAustralia is here to help.

To further improve your chances of being chosen by Engineer Australia, our expert can also advise you on how to produce an impressive RPL Report and CDR Report that makes a strong first impression in front of Engineers Australia(EA). Get to know more about our services here.

Proofreading for grammar and spelling errors is essential. Check out the service offered by CDRforAustralia to review the CDR you have written and make any necessary corrections.


Writing a resume for Engineers Australia can be a difficult task, but it doesn’t have to be. We have listed the most successful advice for you in this article. It covers all the aspects of the resume, which includes sections of personal information, work experience, achievements, and soft skills. So it will be helpful to thousands of engineers applying to Australia using CDR. So if you are an engineer who wants to do the same, you can write resume or CV for Engineers Australia (EA) with ease.


What is the maximum length of a resume for Engineers Australia? 

Maximum length of a resume for Engineers Australia is four(4) “A4-size” pages. It has been updated. Previously it was five(5).

What font size should I use for my resume? 

We recommend font size for a resume to be 10.

What information should I include in my resume? 

Your resume should include your personal information, work experience, achievements (academic or non-academic), and soft skills. Also add 1-2 lines of your hobby to add cherry on top.

How can I make my resume stand out? 

Highlight your skills and experience in a bold and precise manner, use keywords that are relevant to the jobs you are applying for, and proofread your resume carefully.

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