Australia's new strategy to attract fresher engineer

Australia new strategy to attract fresher engineer

With the COVID-19 pandemic ending, opening borders, and a lack of homegrown talent, the number of open engineering (civil, mechanical, software, electrical, biomedical, and architectural) positions in Australia is hitting a record high. Same is the case for fresher engineer.

Read to find why that is the case.

This new Australia's strategy can boost your Engineering career

Adelaide, Victoria, Queensland, and New South Wales are among those cities seeing the biggest wave, with more than a 70% increase in jobs listed in the past 18 months, according to

And with the Australian Government’s focus on the Modern Manufacturing Strategy, the need for engineers will only expand, says Engineer Australia’s Chief Engineer “Jane MacMaster FIEAust CPEng”. He also adds that the Australian Government is planning to add $1.46 billion to drive economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic to build national resilience, and is planning to add more fresher engineers by 2025 to build its Modern Manufacturing Strategy using CDR assisted by Engineer Australia (EA). To note: CDR is a Competency Demonstration Report required by Engineer Australia to provide visas to engineers to work in Australia.

Why a career in engineering is an extremely appealing option?

The field of engineering has historically been one that brings a great deal of pleasure and fulfillment to a good number of people. It offers a wide variety of career options, exciting research opportunities, difficult technical solutions, and impactful societal outcomes. The field of engineering requires creative problem-solving in order to overcome design obstacles and translate theoretical understanding into real-world applications that are beneficial to our society.

As a field of work, engineering enjoys a great deal of esteem both within and beyond the borders of Australia. Perhaps because of this, there are a good number of engineering jobs in Australia. It also offers a wide variety of careers, plenty of opportunities for self-fulfillment, and a range of fascinating and rewarding research problems.

If engineering is your passion, then CDR is your one stop destination

Whether you just completed your engineering degree, have worked for a year or two, or can’t show much on your resume but still want to work in Australia, it makes no difference if you don’t have a lot of experience in the field of engineering. You still have time to put in an application to have your engineering qualification assessed by Engineer Australia (EA). You can still submit an application. You will be delighted to know that previous work experience is not necessary for this position.

To demonstrate that you have the necessary skills, you can use not only your engineering degree from the undergraduate level but also the components of your academic education that involve projects and work experience.

In order to successfully complete the EA assessment, you are required to submit your Competency Demonstration Report (CDR). It is possible that you will be able to receive credit even if you write the career episodes of your university coursework based on the qualifications, internships, and work experience units that you have completed.

Why CDR for Australia is the best choice for Fresher Engineers?

In order to guarantee that your application is accepted on the first try, our CDR Writing Expert will personally handle each request, even if you are a fresher engineer or straight out of college and will provide you a comprehensive CDR report writing service. And if you need help with a CDR report you’ve already written or are working on, they’ll show you how to write one properly by emphasizing the importance of striking the right balance between information, presentation, and organization. You can learn more about what to include and what to leave out of your application after going over it with a professional in the field of skill assessment. 


Australia is a great place to work as an engineer. The demand for engineers is high, so are the salaries. If you are a fresh graduate engineer, you can take advantage of the Australian Government’s new strategy to attract fresher engineer by submitting your Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) to Engineers Australia for assessment.


What is the Australian Government’s new strategy to attract fresher engineers?

The Australian Government’s new strategy to attract fresher engineers is to build its Modern Manufacturing Strategy. They are planning to add $1.46 billion to drive economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, recession, and supply chain disruption, and also by adding more fresher engineers by 2025.

What are the benefits of working as an engineer in Australia?

The benefits of working as an engineer in Australia are:

High salary and High Growth
Positive Working Conditions
Strong Work Culture
Diverse and Multicultural Workforce

Why is a career in engineering an extremely appealing option in Australia?

Working as a engineer In Australia is very appealing because Australia is a strong economy and focuses on innovation. The Australian government has invested heavily in research and development, which has led to numerous projects and engineering jobs.

Also, Australia has many opportunities in engineering fields, such as mining, resources, and energy. This means that there are many cutting-edge projects that can be really impactful for the people and the world.

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