Sports Centre Manager ANZSCO Code: 149113

A Sports Centre Manager is a professional responsible for overseeing a sports facility’s daily operations, administration, and management. This includes ensuring the smooth and efficient running of the facility, managing staff, maintaining equipment, ensuring customer satisfaction, and handling financial aspects such as budgeting and revenue generation. The role requires strong leadership, organizational, and communication skills and a solid understanding of health and safety regulations, marketing strategies, and financial management. 

Sports Centre Manager ANZSCO Code: 149113

Occupation description

A sports center manager plans, directs, and advertises the facility’s programs, assets, and amenities. 

Occupations considered suitable under this ANZSCO code:

  • Aquatic Centre Manager
  • Golf Course Manager
  • Indoor Sports Centre Manager
  • Squash Center Manager
  • Stadium Manager

Occupations not considered suitable under this ANZSCO code:

  • Fitness Centre Manager
  • Sports Instructor

These jobs need the necessary skill level or are categorized differently in ANZSCO

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    Group allocation:

    VETASSESS Group C occupation: Sports Centre Manager

    This occupation requires qualifications, such as a bachelor’s or higher degree, that are assessed as comparable to the educational level of an Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) or experience in the related field.

    Applicants must have fulfilled at least one of the following four criteria (1–4):

    Extra credentials in a highly applicable topic of study correspond to the following levels:

    • AQF Diploma
    • AQF Advanced Diploma
    • AQF Associate Degree or
    • AQF Graduate Diploma

     Bachelor’s degree or higher degree includes:

    • AQF Master’s Degree or
    • AQF Doctoral Degree

    Highly relevant paid employment duration (20 hours or more per week)

    • 1–3 minimum number of years of highly relevant work experience in the specified occupation gained during the five years before the application date for a skills assessment and at a suitable skill level.
    • 4 A minimum of 6 years of relevant work experience is needed, with at least one year of highly relevant work completed in the five years before application and five years of relevant work (which may have yet to be completed within the last five years).

    Suppose employment occurs before attaining the certification at the requisite level. In that case, an applicant must have at least one year of highly relevant work at an adequate skill level within the last five years. The final five years of pre-qualification could fall within the previous ten years. A favorable evaluation of the degree of qualification and length of employment is necessary for a favorable conclusion of the Skills Assessment.

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    Qualification and Employment Criteria


    This occupation requires a qualification in:

    • AQF Advanced Diploma, Associate Degree, Bachelor, Master and Doctoral level.

    This includes qualifications assessed at:

    • Sports Management
    • Recreation Management
    • Business Management
    • Facilities and Operations Management.


    • Sports Management
    • Recreation Management
    • Business Management
    • Facilities and Operations Management.


    Highly relevant tasks include, but are not limited to:

    • Arranging and designing the variety and scope of the center’s sports programs.
    • Coordinating publicity to highlight facilities and draw customers.
    • Setting up contests and games.
    • Hiring, educating, and managing employees.
    • Ensuring that establishments follow safety regulations and are properly maintained.
    • May do client coaching and training.
    • May arrange and plan food services.

    Employment information

    Managers of sports centers typically oversee facilities and provide instruction in various sports. Their duties often encompass promoting the facility and any special events, managing personnel, handling the technical parts of sports, and maintaining health and safety protocols. The manager bears responsibility for the center’s overall profitability.

    Big centers could have a group of managers with specialized knowledge in several fields.

    This vocation only applies to gyms or centers that provide workout facilities since they would be better suited for ANZSCO 149112 workout Center Manager.

    Supporting material for assessment

    When submitting an application for a skills assessment, please ensure that you provide enough documentation to back up your employment claims, qualifications, and identity proof. The VETASSESS website contains a comprehensive list of the necessary documents.

    An organizational chart must be submitted if you nominate someone for a managerial position. This diagram ought to show:

    • The letterhead of the business
    • Your role in the company
    • The jobs that report to your immediate supervisor and direct subordinates, as well as the jobs of your superiors and subordinates.

    The department’s position within the larger organizational structure should also be shown on the chart.

    Suppose your employer is unable to give you an organizational chart. In that case, you are obligated to submit a statutory declaration explaining the needed information and why you cannot offer it.

    If you are a self-employed sports center proprietor, you must provide the employment documentation shown on our website under the Eligibility Criteria section.

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