CDR writing help in Sri Lanka: Get Australia Visa

CDR writing help in Sri Lanka

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  • What is the fullform of CDR?
  • CDRforAustralia has helped thousands of Sri Lankans obtain work visas for Australia.
  • Are you wondering where to go for CDR report writing help?
  • Quality CDR writing help in Sri Lanka – Guaranteed
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CDR writing help in Sir Lanka

Are you currently enrolled in one of Sri Lanka’s top engineering schools, such as the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Moratuwa? Have you applied for one of Australia’s top jobs and are trying to figure out where you can get CDR writing help in Sri Lanka?

We at cdrforaustralia provide CDRs for all aspects of engineering, including agricultural engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, software engineering, information technology, and bioscience, and also cover various diploma fields. We have helped many students and professionals get their CDR reports so they can go further in their careers with our top-qualified professional service. Having written 100% accepted CDRs, our CDR writing experts have worked with hundreds of students from different universities in Sri Lanka, including the University of Peradeniya, the University of Colombo, and the University of Sri Jayewardenepura.

What is the fullform of CDR?

CDR is short for Competency Demonstration Report. It is a requirement to get a work visa for engineers planning to get a job in Australia. Before a work visa is granted, engineers need to demonstrate that they meet certain skill levels. This document shows what they have actually achieved. This is important because if an engineer does not have a suitable CDR, he or she might lose the job offer because employers do not want to take risks on employees who cannot meet skill level requirements. If you want to apply for an Australian work visa or an Australian PR, you have to write a CDR report. For more information, visit our blog, CDR for Australia Immigration.

CDRforAustralia has helped thousands of Sri Lankans obtain work visas for Australia.

We provide a platform that helps Sri Lankans find work in Australia in a much more efficient way than many of our competitors by meeting very strict requirements. We provide a free checklist, and qualified Sri Lankans can send their documents in PDF format, and we will process this activity fully. The website displays links to relevant application packages, including the RPL Report, Career Episodes, CV Writing, and Plagiarism Checking, for anyone who needs a service according to their needs.

More than 60% of applicants are rejected by Engineers Australia. Our best-offered Australian English CDRs writing service is popular among Sri Lankan students who want to best explain the proof of their skills and educational experience to get a visa and PR. We have almost 1,000 students who have worked with us. Our targets are to help many more students write CDR in Sri Lanka and get their dream jobs, whether they in Colombo or Kandy. On the other hand, it’s seen as a challenge by many, and those who are determined to be successful in their application should use the help of an expert.

We have many students under our belt who are now Australian engineers and earning enough money. The steps with us are simple and efficient, and then you will have no problem getting approved. Let us help you write better than ever before, and then you will not have trouble getting your visa to Australia. To work in Australia and get PR with the help of CDRs, contact our English CDR writing service providers in Sri Lanka.

Are you wondering where to go for CDR report writing help?

After you have finished your report, our professional will also provide you with recommendations on what to do in the event that either your application or your appeal is successful. As soon as you have a strategy that has been honed to perfection, you can start sending in your applications with complete self-assurance. Therefore, if you require a specialized CDR report that you can rely on CDRforAustralia to provide for your subsequent application, Our professional is here to assist you.

In addition, our professionals will be able to guide you through the process of writing an efficient RPL Report that makes an interesting initial impression, and they will also be able to assist you with the process of writing a convincing narrative in order to be chosen by the Engineer Australia (EA). We make use of specialized writing skills and years of experience in giving you professional results to help you make your case as you go through with your live applications.

Quality CDR writing help in Sri Lanka - Guaranteed

No matter what you are trying to do with your visa invitation, our work with you is regulated by complete confidentiality and in a way that you have complete trust in. We have tons of experience working with PR application students who need CDR help, and we are familiar with their best writing requirements. Therefore, you can be sure that we will be providing you 100% CDR help along with RPL Writing and Career Episode Writing.

Don’t wait; be proactive. We guarantee to provide you with the best service at CDRforAustralia.


In conclusion, CDRforAustralia is a top CDR writing service for Sri Lankan students. We understand the challenges that Sri Lankan students face when writing their CDRs, and have track record of helping hundreds of students get their CDRs accepted by Engineers Australia. We have an efficient process which helps us deliver your CDR on-time. 

If you are a Sri Lankan engineer who is looking for Australian Visa and require CDR writing help in Sri Lanka, contact us right away. Our team will be happy to assist you.


How much does it cost to use CDRforAustralia’s services?

The cost of our service will vary on your requirements, how fast you want the report, and any additional documents you need. It will cost you somewhere around 450-950 AU$.            

(These prices are only for the base CDR. Adding additional documents/service may change the price). 

How do I get started?

Contact us using any one of the methods listed on our Contact Us page. Our customer care representatives will get in touch with you and will be happy to answer any questions you have. Along with this, they will also provide you with a price quote.

What are the next steps?

Once you have decided to use CDRforAustralia’s services, we will work with you to gather the information you need to write your CDR. All the necessary project details, education and work background will be collected from you. And then we will start your CDR Writing Process.

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